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Diversity Programs: Just Publicity Stunts?

posted March 12, 2012

Diversity Programs: Just Publicity Stunts?

By guest author: Rachelle Crockett

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a hot-button issue and often a timely topic of discussion and action (or reaction depending on your view of things), particularly during Black History Month. Employee diversity programs are analyzed and often scrutinized for not doing enough to bridge the gender, racial and cultural gaps within an organization. However, the major detractors are the employees, according to an article published by the Adecco Group based out of the UK. The polls show that 27 percent of employees believe campaigns promoting diversity in the workplace are publicity stunts, while 29 percent believe that there is a “certain type” of person recruiters seek. Conversely, the majority of the employees polled (70 percent) feel that a diverse workforce is necessary for success and improves workplace culture. Well, how does one bridge that gap?

I found this poll interesting and honestly, not that surprising. This attitude in the workplace, though unfortunate, is, in my opinion, global. When employees have passed the point of being disengaged and feel their leadership doesn’t care or identify with them as people, the problem runs deeper than a poorly executed program. My goal as a student of internal communications is to seek the solution (s) through listening, trial and error. I would suggest the same approach to the leaders whose aim is successful diversity program initiatives within their organizations.