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Social Media and Donuts

posted March 22, 2012 by

Social Media and Donuts by Dharma Subramanian

The number of social media tools are increasing by the day and I find myself still trying to figure out what Google+ is all about. But as communicators who use the major ones frequently with clients, it’s good to be able to differentiate them in simple terms. When I say the “major ones,” I’m referring to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

Recently, Three Ships Media, a digital marketing firm posted a blog entry entitled, “Social Media and Donuts” where they explain some of the abovementioned big-name platforms in simpler, donut-related terms. See included picture or read more here. I think it’s brilliant how they simplified these daunting platforms into layman terms, so anyone can read this list and say, “yeah, I get what this would be used for.”

But what’s more interesting is the back-story behind this picture. The team at Three Ships Media felt like it had been a while since they had shared creative thinking on their website. So a group of them gathered in a conference room and brainstormed ideas. What came of it was a quick sketch, which was later snapped and uploaded to Facebook and Twitter. According to their blog, they then “had a beer, a good laugh, and went home for the weekend.” Since then, they have gotten nearly 100,000 “likes” to the image on Facebook, and thousands of people have Tweeted about it. And they weren’t even trying to make anything cute or funny.

They write about this experience, “besides totally blowing our minds, the whole thing has been a good reminder about some best practices in online earned media execution.” Here were some of their key takeaways”

  • You Never Know When Something Will Go Viral
  • Sometimes the Best Ideas are the Easiest
  • Low Tech is OK

So the next time you have a clever idea or thought, blogging about it or posting it to Twitter might unknowingly end up becoming your best marketing tool!